The Great Divide: Popcorn, Beer and Politics!



The Great Divide: Popcorn, Beer and Politics!

Politics is dividing people all over the world. The political climate is at breaking point. People are angry. Artists are channelling these feelings and using their craft to make work in protest and reaction to these turbulent times.

‘The Great Divide’ is a platform at OVADA to showcase artworks by over 60 artists from across the globe and brings the work of prominent and emerging street artists together in a gallery setting. The exhibition looks at how artists are responding to current political, environmental and economic issues and asks if we can come back together in the face of division. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of free events of which I helped organise: Popcorn Beer and Politics!

I hosted a Q&A with an impressive panel of speakers, featuring Alice Barron, Carali McCall and Jonathan Warby.

Alice Barron spoke about her collaborations as a violinist, with teachers and peers both in the UK and abroad and the inspirations for her practice.

Carali McCall spoke about collaborating with institutions and about her personal journey through her own artworks.

Jonathan Warby spoke about how collaborations are useful in the scientific community, how universities are using combined knowledge, working towards hivemind problem solving.